Thank you for your interest in our wholesale products. We would love to build long term partnerships with your business, help you create additional revenue to your successful business and add value by bringing your customers with unique products over and over again.


“To work with small producers, hand by hand, by creating sources of work to help them sustain a better standard of living while preserving their rich and authentic culture. We treat every individual (producers, employee, clients) with respect, working together to achieve a common goal. To keep up with current trends to identify new niche markets. To offer more in return to communities in need, especially the children, our near future and for the generations yet to come.”

We operate as a private initiative and are willing to partner with individuals, businesses and organizations with similar goals and values.

We know this is great way to promote about traditions and preserve cultures worldwide but last and more importantly to allow us help real people with real needs to have a better chance in life to succeed.

We make all possible efforts, to assure you that the products we carry are all 100% Fair Trade. We meet all Fair Trade regulations, respecting the artisans and their families, paying them a fair price for their products, and offering them when possible technical assistance to improve their working conditions.

We are committed to you to provide the best products available and high customer experience. Our task may not be easy, but it is rewarding knowing we can contribute to make good things happen.

We know your customer will love our beautiful products. Each one comes with an informational piece to connect producers and consumers together. They are fun, educational and bring people and their cultures a little closer.

Finally, we invite you to browse our wholesale site and take action buying our beautiful, exclusive line of handmade Fair Trade products for your retail business.

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